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Illinois police arrest 3 in alleged drug crime bust

Upon discovering what they believe to be a methamphetamine production facility, authorities have arrested three individuals. Illinois police arrested these people at a residence in DeKalb and have since filed drug crime charges against all three. The investigation is still under way as of this report, and police believe it may yet lead to further arrests.

Illinois state trooper faces felony charge

An alleged strip search has led to a criminal charge for a law enforcement officer, according to local sources. An Illinois State Trooper was indicted in a felony charge case involving an alleged aggravated battery of a man last year. The 32-year-old trooper was released after posting $20,000 bond, and he remains relieved of his duties as of this writing.

Why hiring a lawyer is important if you are facing DUI charges

There are certain legal situations in which you absolutely need an attorney and certain situations that you can potentially navigate without legal help. For example, if you wish to execute an advanced health care directive, your state may allow you to fill out forms yourself and will recognize their legal validity as long as you have them notarized. You do not necessarily need the help of an attorney for this process.

Man faces drug crime charges in Illinois

A man out on parole who police believe to have taken part in drug trafficking is currently in custody pending a court date, according to local sources. Illinois police arrested the 27-year-old Chicago man at his home on April 13. He now faces multiple drug crime charges associated with his alleged activity.

Illinois police officer faces felony charge

A Park Forest police officer accused of killing a 95-year-old man in an altercation at a nursing home is now facing charges in connection with the death. The 43-year-old officer has been charged with reckless endangerment, a class 4 felony charge under Illinois law. He is currently free under his own recognizance pending further proceedings.

Young adults, beware stronger beer marketed just for you

According to the New York Times, the alcohol industry is making new efforts to secure the loyalties of the nation’s youngest drinkers. Specifically, MillerCoors and other alcohol manufacturers are making some of their products stronger in order to better appeal to young adults aged 21 to 27.

Illinois man faces felony charge for alleged theft

A man identified by police as a so-called 'quick-change artist' is being held in custody pending a trial date. The 60-year-old Illinois man faces at least one felony charge related to a multitude of thefts that police say he committed, to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Unlike traditional theft, police say the man employed misdirection to confuse clerks into giving him more change than he was owed.

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