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Illinois man arrested for alleged drug crime

On Behalf of | May 5, 2014 | Drug Charges

A man police say attempted to sell firearms and drugs to an undercover officer is now behind bars and awaiting further proceedings. Illinois police charged the man with firearms charges and drug crime after the alleged incident took place. NO information was provided on upcoming court dates.

Police say they had the man under surveillance for some time when the sting operation was carried out, as the man was suspected of being part of a cocaine distribution ring. Police obtained a search warrant for the man’s home, in addition to setting up the sting operation. Reportedly, the sting was carried out on April 1.

Officers dealing with the undercover operation said the man had agreed to sell a handgun and a quantity of cocaine to a female officer posing as a civilian. Although the officer informed him she did not have a valid firearms license, it allegedly did not deter him from offering to sell her a weapon for $400. When the appointed meeting time came, local SWAT officers arrested the man, who did not have drugs or weapons on him when he was arrested. A subsequent search of his home supposedly revealed quantities of what is believed to be cocaine as well as several firearms.

Illinois prosecutors will have to prove that police did not infringe upon the man’s constitutional rights throughout the course of the drug crime investigation. If any evidence was collected through improper channels, or if officers breached established protocol during the course of the arrest, the case could be thrown out and/or certain evidence ruled as inadmissible. The defense team will probably focus its efforts on reviewing all pertinent evidence, including the arrest record, in order to determine the best course of action to pursue.

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