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The effect of DUI on a security clearance

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2023 | Drunk Driving-DUI Charges

A DUI can greatly affect your security clearance as a member of the military or when you have clearance to work for another government organization. Of course, there are different outcomes based on a few key factors. If you get a DUI charge in Edwardsville, Illinois, you may need assistance with getting or maintaining your security clearance.

How a DUI affects your security clearance

If you need security clearance from the military or from some other organization, it’s crucial that the issuing agency deems you to have discipline and that you are trustworthy. The details of your DUI conviction will determine your level of punishment. This means that the agency will look closely at some factors, so that you’re not immediately judged harshly for getting a DUI conviction.

One of the major things that they look at is whether your DUI is a one-time charge or if you have a history of DUIs and underlying issues that go along with it, such as a pattern of drunk driving. In order to receive or maintain a security clearance, they’ll have to see that the alcohol and/or substance use isn’t a recurring problem. Agency staff will also consider if these underlying causes have been dealt with in a proper way.

Your security clearance status counts

Another factor that plays a role in your security clearance is your status. If you only have an interim security clearance while you’re waiting for the results of a background check, it’s more likely that you’ll lose that clearance. This isn’t always going to be the case, since the review process looks at the details of the whole person to determine if they should receive a security clearance.

A DUI doesn’t necessarily ruin your chances of receiving a security clearance, but it does help to prepare your case with a professional. This will increase your likelihood of a favorable outcome, since this is something that depends on organizing complicated details and presenting your case in a careful manner.