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What do you need to know about your ignition interlock device?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Drunk Driving-DUI Charges

Illinois has strict drunk driving laws, even for first-time offenses. You could lose your license for two years if you’re under 21 and for one year if you’re 21+. Some judges allow driving privileges if you agree to an ignition interlock device.

Eligible devices

Illinois requires that drunk driving offenders install an ignition interlock device with a camera. It can prove who was behind the wheel at any point in time. The camera also helps prevent people from trying to bypass the device, which supports them in staying sober.

After receiving your approval notice, you have 14 days to install a state-approved ignition interlock device. Thus, you may want to decide while waiting on your application approval which IID you’ll install.

Employer cars

You could apply for a work exemption if you need to drive an employer-owned car. You must have your employer submit a form to the Secretary of State. To qualify, you can’t have any level of ownership of the car. The car can’t be available for personal use either. Illinois restricts a work exemption to 12 hours of driving per day up to six days per week. You may not qualify for a work exemption if a family member owns the car.


State law mandates calibration of the ignition interlock device every 60 days after its installation. Regular calibration ensures that the device is working correctly. Authorities also retrieve its data to check that you are following the law. It usually only takes around 15–20 minutes to calibrate. Some IIDs will prevent your car from starting if you miss your calibration appointment. You could request a temporary unlock code to drive it to a service center.

Illinois has clear guidelines on using ignition interlock devices. The state has strict rules in place to prevent people from finding ways out of using their devices. These mandates help protect you from false accusations as well.