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Drug Possession

Getting arrested and convicted of drug possession in Illinois, or anywhere, can cause serious complications in your life. It can derail your education, put you in jail and leave a permanent negative mark on your record. It doesn’t matter what drug you are accused of possessing — heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, even marijuana. The pain of conviction vastly outweighs whatever momentary thrills the drugs provide.

Drug Crimes Defense For Adults And Minors

At The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, we care about young people arrested for drugs, and we will work diligently to protect you from the worst aspects of the charges against you. While it is not always possible to have all charges dismissed, it is often possible to soften the blow of your arrest. In Madison County, we have treatment courts that seek to understand and deal with drug issues, not just throw people in jail.

The most common drug arrest in our region today is for marijuana possession. In terms of the physical and social harm it causes, the most serious drug is heroin. In between are cocaine, methamphetamines and illegal prescription drugs. We also defend people charged with having LSD, Ecstasy and other illegal substances on their person.

Fighting For Your Freedom And Your Future

Madison County attorney Jessica Koester will fight for your freedom, including bail after arrest. She will fight the charges. She will argue for lenient sentencing. She will fight efforts at forfeiture.

In short, she will be on your side, working to prevent this arrest from being a blot on your life, and on your family.

Free Consultations For Anyone Facing Drug Charges

If you have been arrested, we urge you to contact Edwardsville drug possession defense lawyer Jessica Koester immediately. Do not talk to the police — let us do that for you. Let us repair the harm that has already been done to you by this arrest.