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Officer faces felony conviction after neighbor's traffic stop

An alleged neighborhood vendetta has ended with a police officer in jail. He is now facing the prospect of a conviction after being indicted for several felonies. The officer has been a police officer for approximately five years but authorities say he seemed to have a preoccupation with one of his neighbors. The potential for a felony conviction came after he allegedly provided false information about the woman in a police report. The Collinsville officer allegedly hid evidence connected to the woman's alleged felony case, in what the woman described as a personal "vendetta" against her.

Police Officer Charged with Felonies by Madison County Grand Jury

 A Madison County Grand Jury recently indicted a Collinsville Police officer with multiple felonies for falsifying a police report to create a case against a neighbor with whom he had been fueding.  While most police officers are honest men and women, there are some who weild the power they possess for their own personal agenda.  The woman in the article linked above could have been sent to the Department of Corrections if the police officer's wrong doings had not been discovered.  That is why it is always critical to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney helping you to defend your rights, especially when the charges carry possible prison time.  

Woman faces felony charge after alleged battery in Edwardsville

Facing the prospect of a felony charge involving battery can be daunting, and a conviction can bring serious repercussions. Whether the claimed incident was the result of self-defense or due to coming to the defense of another person or any other reason, an accused person will likely be required to answer to the charges in a court of law.

Illinois police officer accused of a felony

When Illinois residents hear about alleged criminal acts performed by a police officer, especially one who works in the local school system, they can quickly jump to conclusions about that person's guilt. People's quick judgments can drastically affect an accused person's personal and professional life.

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