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Man allegedly videotapes woman at tanning salon

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2012 | Sex Crimes

There has been another incident of unauthorized video recording at another tanning salon in the local area. A potential sex crime occurred after a man allegedly videotaped a woman tanning at Hollywood Tan in Granite City. The complaint states the man was tanning in a room next to the accused when the potential sex crime occurred.

On April 3, the man allegedly was caught recording the woman in the room next to his at the tanning salon. The woman claims she was lying on the tanning bed nude when she saw something over the wall separating her room from the man’s. She claims when she yelled, the cell phone above the wall disappeared. Police were able to find out who was in the room next to the woman and she was able to describe the cell phone allegedly used in the crime.

A search warrant was requested by Granite City Police. They went to the man’s home, and he was taken to the police station to be questioned. The man allegedly told police there was no memory card in the phone but later supposedly acknowledged throwing it away. There were no photos located on the phone but police requested that Sprint PCS preserve any photos located and stored on their servers.

The day after this crime occurred, another similar incident happened at the Glen Carbon salon. A police officer was accused, terminated from the police force and is now facing three felony counts of unauthorized video recording. The man in this case is facing similar charges of unauthorized video recording and live transmission.

The man in this case accused of the sex crime may likely need a criminal defense. And a good place to start is with the apparent fact that authorities, at least as of yet, have no documentation that the man recorded anything. As with any other individual accused of a crime in Illinois, he is innocent until proven guilty of the criminal allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

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