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Illinois police seize 4 pounds of pot in raid and arrest 5 men

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Drug Charges

The Orland Park Police Department raided a home on the 13400 block of West Circle Drive. They used flash grenades when entering the home to execute a search warrant as part of a drug investigation. According to the police report, officers seized approximately 4 pounds of cannabis, drug paraphernalia and a small quantity of suspected Xanax. They arrested the homeowner, his son and three roommates. Authorities initially charged them with cannabis possession and intent to deliver.

At the bond hearing for the five men, the judge released three of the suspects due to insufficient reasons to detain them although a 20-year-old man among those released was described as the primary drug dealer. He had been kicked out of the home a month previously but allegedly still continued to sell drugs from the house. For the two others, the judge required that they pay bonds prior to release. One of the renters, a 24-year-old man, allegedly had three glass pipes, $209 in cash, two digital scales and a grinder along with 1.7 grams of cannabis in his room. The judge set his bond at $10,000.

The homeowner’s 20-year-old son gained release on a $10,000 bond. Police officers reported that he had roughly 2 pounds of cannabis in his room plus drug paraphernalia. The prosecutor said that a misdemeanor battery case was active against the man.

Someone arrested during a raid on a home might face stiff penalties if convicted on drug charges that include an intent to distribute. A person who must engage with the criminal justice system may want guidance from a criminal defense attorney. Legal advice might help someone counteract a prosecutor hoping to gain a fast conviction. An attorney might develop a defense strategy that casts doubt on someone’s connection to evidence.