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Illinois teacher's aide faces sex crime charge

An accusation of sexual misconduct or assault can ruin lives, which means any such charge must be taken very seriously. Here in Illinois, a teacher's aide is fighting to defend his reputation after being hit with a sex crime charge for allegedly sexually assaulting a student with special needs. The 37-year-old man is currently incarcerated with his bail set at $300,000.

Attorney General aims to reduce drug crime sentences

In the history of America’s arguably ineffective war on drugs, laws and public policy have essentially moved in only one direction. Drug crimes have been punished with increasing severity and the United States responds accordingly by spending more and more money on prisons.

Illinois man takes plea bargain on sex crime charges

An Illinois man reportedly placed online advertisements on Craigslist for sex. Women who showed up at his home say that he raped them. Ultimately, he was arrested and charged in connection with one woman's rape. After being convicted of one sex crime, the man then pleaded guilty to another rape in order to avoid prosecution with respect to numerous other cases.

Double jeopardy clause prevents murder conviction

There are certain rights that the police, prosecutors and members of the criminal justice system must respect. For example, police must typically get a warrant if they wish to search a person's home. The Fifth Amendment also creates an important right: double jeopardy. Though many people in Edwardsville may not hear the term "double jeopardy" all that often, it protects someone from being convicted of the same crime more than once.

Man faces drug charge following arrest in Illinois

A man faces serious allegations following his arrest in connection with a drug investigation. The 21-year-old Illinois resident was arrested in the evening of Feb. 24 and now faces a drug charge for possession as well as several other charges related to the initial one. This is the man's second arrest in connection with his allegedly fabricating drugs in his home.

Public figure uses DUI case for criminal justice message

An out-of-state DUI case is of importance in Illinois because of a core message that its defendant is sharing. Kerry Kennedy might be known for her family connections, but it is her arrest for suspicion of drugged driving last year that has the public listening to her.

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