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Crackdown leads to multiple arrests for alleged drug crime

The sweep of the state's capital continues as Operation Falcon facilitates the arrest of dozens of individuals believed to be linked to drug and weapon crimes. Over 70 people have outstanding warrants in Springfield, Illinois, for a variety of alleged drug crime and weapon charges as the operation continues to seek out known criminal elements and those suspected of colluding with them. Local and state police say the crackdown was initiated as a result of a wave of suspected drug-related violence over the last several weeks.

Illinois police warn of drug possession charges to come

Chicago police are coming down hard on those believed to be in possession of marijuana. The Illinois-based police force has been routinely handing out drug possession charges for those who are caught with the illicit substance, a crime that has formerly been a ticketing offense. However, this is in opposition to a city ordinance that allows these tickets to be issued in lieu of a stronger charge.

Congress is focusing increased attention on sex crime issues

The media has recently focused a great deal of attention on the issue of sexual assault in the military. Not only has the number of sexual assault cases affecting men and women in uniform spiked sharply over the last year, Congress is currently sparring over how to address this issue. It is unquestionably important to prevent sexual assault and to properly hold individuals accountable for assaulting others. However, the high-profile nature of the military sexual assault debate in the media and in Congress seems to have transitioned recently into efforts aimed at cracking down on sex crimes generally.

Illinois fraternity brothers face drug crime charges

A year-long investigation has culminated in seven arrests on a university campus, according to law enforcement. A raid of a University of Illinois fraternity house has resulted in drug crime accusations leveled against several fraternity brothers. It is unclear whether these individuals are in police custody or whether the university has moved to expel them at this time.

Illinois man arrested for alleged drug crime

A man police say attempted to sell firearms and drugs to an undercover officer is now behind bars and awaiting further proceedings. Illinois police charged the man with firearms charges and drug crime after the alleged incident took place. NO information was provided on upcoming court dates.

How much does America pay to punish criminal offenders?

Since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States has fought multiple wars and weathered a severe economic downturn. Partially because our operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have been so expensive and because the economic downturn was also exceedingly expensive, both the federal government and state governments have been struggling with their budgets for years. As a result, lawmakers at both the state and federal levels are increasingly scrutinizing all government expenditures and debating what reforms must be made given that budgets are currently tight.

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